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Phone: 1-800-968-1968 sells for US $700,000 has sold for $700,000 to the privately owned internet retail company, Cat5 Commerce, based out of Chesterfield, Missouri. This purchase was an incredible deal for Cat5, who can now expand their network of ecommerce websites which includes and In the few weeks that Cat5 has started to develop, they have made significant progress in the search engine rankings. already ranks #4 on google for the term “running shoes” which proves the value of an exact match domain name. In fact, according to the google adwords keyword tool (located here: ) the term “running shoes” had over 60,000 searches in the US last month. Ranking #1 for this term could bring Cat5 over 20,000 targeted visitors per month and we think that this target is attainable in the next six to twelve months. We believe that will prove to be a great investment for Cat5 and it solidifies the notion of building a brand on a top generic domain name.