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Phone: 1-800-968-1968,, & more listed with NO RESERVE

Summer has just begun and FindYourDomain has partnered with in order to present a sizzling, unprecedented online auction event. Hundreds of premium .com domain names will be sold to the highest bidder in the next few months and will be administering the set of auctions. Each auction will have a $69 minimum bid price and most of the domain names offered will have no reserve price, meaning that the high bidder of the auction will gain complete ownership of the domain name. Some examples of domain names being listed with no reserve include (auction begins on 7/24/2011), (auction begins on 7/15/2011), and (auction begins on 8/2/2011). Each auction will last for 3 days and end at approximately 12PM PST on the 3rd day depending on the bidding activity. In order to participate in the bidding you must sign up for a free NameJet account using the below URL:

Please note that in order to bid over $2,500 you must become a verified bidder at NameJet. For information on how to get verified visit:

We encourage all serious bidders to become a Verified Bidder at NameJet in order to have an opportunity to secure one or more of these incredible domains. There is no cost to sign up for NameJet or enter the auction and only the winner of the auction will have to pay. Do not miss your chance to participate in these auctions and place a minimum bid of $69 today to add a domain(s) to your backorder list.

Some of the domain names that will be auctioned off include: