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Phone: 1-800-968-1968 News and Week 2 Highlights

Great news for anyone thinking about buying a domain name at auction from / NameJet auctions! Yesterday, Nominet announced that they will be opening up second-level domains under .uk for registration beginning in summer of 2014. Fortunately, owners of names that have been continuously registered since before October 28, 2013 receive both the right of first refusal for the equivalent .uk domain name and also free registration for the .uk name for five years. Don’t believe us? Check out what Nominet has to say.

What does this mean? It means that by buying a domain name, you will not only be buying the domain name, but you will also be buying the right into the .uk version of the domain name come summer 2014!

Week 2 will feature two letter domain names. Our top picks include: has 66 bidders, with a high bid of $400. has 66 bidders, with a high bid of $250. has 60 bidders, with a high bid of $250. has 59 bids, with a high bid of $250. has 69 bids, with a high bid of $300. – is one of the first new gTLDs available at auction. currently has 3 bidders, with a high bid of $109.

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(Disclaimer: Although Nominet has announced it will award .uk domain names to the equivalent owners, neither nor NameJet can provide any guarantee or warranty that an auction winner will eventually receive the equivalent .uk domain name. See for program details.)