Phone: 1-800-968-1968
Phone: 1-800-968-1968 sells for $1305 and our top picks for Week 3

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American readers! Our auctions will continue through the holidays, so make sure you stay up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter., one our highlights for Week 2, sold today for $1305. It had a total of 18 bids and is one of the first new gTLDs to be sold at auction. There are many more .xyz and .College domain names still available for bidding over the next few months, including one of our top choices for this week’s theme, For a full list of the new gTLD domain names in our auction, please refer to the NameJet official website.

For auctioneers and domainers interested in the new gTLD auction process, Morgan Linton recently published an in-depth Q&A about the .xyz and .College domains available in our premium auction. Read the full article here.

Our auction will continue through the holiday weekend, so keep an eye out for our Week 3 theme, Grants. Our top choices for this week include: is a Reserve Auction with 186 bids, and has a high bid of $1,115. has 123 bids, with a high bid of $190. has 104 bids, with a high bid of $185. is another exclusive new gTLD available in our auction, and currently has 3 bids with a high bid of $109.

There are also still many short domains available. Check out all of Week 3’s premium domains on NameJet’s auction list.